It happened in little league. I stole second base. Stole that fucker good too...made it there standing up. But we were playing on a field that was in one of those baseball complexes that housed like four fields right next to each other, so right as I get to second I hear the ping of a bat. Now, I'm not paying… » 2/12/15 4:27pm 2/12/15 4:27pm

Imagine medical science progresses in such a way that someday it's possible to have a surrogate shitter. Like, you could eat whatever you want, then pay someone else to lay waste to it. I know guys take pride in the size/shape/color/girth after dropping pod following a big meal, but I'd pay to never have to shit out… » 8/01/13 2:22pm 8/01/13 2:22pm